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A Full Service Grading, Paving & Asphalt Maintenance Company

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Grading is the process of leveling an area of land by cutting dirt from high points and filling in low places. There are a number of uses for this process, including open drainage ditching, preparing land for construction, and leveling areas for planting cover crops. In addition to being a versatile service, it can also be eco-friendly; proper grading plays a major role in controlling erosion.

West Coast Paving offers a wide range of grading services from small parking lots to large developments. Whether you are a business owner looking to have your parking lot redone or need a private road fixed, we can help! As a local Reno grading company, we specialize in road reconstructions and re-stabilization projects. 


Public Works

Public works include a broad variety of infrastructure projects that are engineered and financed by the government for transportation, recreational, employment, and health and safety uses in our community.  In order to be awarded a contract for a public work in Nevada, contractors must first meet certain criteria in order to qualify for the ability to bid on projects. 


West Coast Paving has extensive experience in roadway construction and reconstruction, grading and paving, and drainage and utility construction.   We use our intricate knowledge of the logistical and environmental challenges that can be involved in public projects  to address these variables with the utmost attention to detail.



Paving is the process of laying material such as asphalt, concrete, or stones to create a firm, level surface. Pavement is the preferred choice for most roads, driveways, and parking lots due to its durability and little need for regular maintenance.

West Coast Paving is a full-service paving company that offers a variety of services. We have capabilities to complete projects on residential driveways, commercial parking lots, public and private roads, and utility patching.



Properly constructed and maintained residential driveways not only add to the enjoyment of the home, but they also add to its value.  In addition, living in a region that experiences severe weather changes makes asphalt the optimal driveway material, since its flexibility allows the driveway to expand and contract while maintaining its integrity year after year.  Snow and ice also melt faster on asphalt than on other materials, and, with proper sealing and maintenance, rock salt can be used on asphalt without causing significant damage, as opposed to concrete which is extremely vulnerable to weather-related cracking and damage.


West Coast Paving’s knowledgeable team of tradesmen and high-quality materials make for the perfect duo when it comes to constructing residential driveways, walking paths, and parking areas.  Whether the job involves a simple, straightforward parking area that’s free of obstacles or a scenic, winding driveway that navigates through trees and boulders making its way to the home, we have completed a broad variety of residential projects and welcome the opportunity to contribute to the value and enjoyment of your most important investment.  


Striping & Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits the discrimination of individuals with disabilities. This act affects businesses in many ways, one of which is parking lot regulations. When you alter your parking lot in any way, it is required that you have a minimum number of accessible spots that are properly marked. ADA compliant striping and signing is the process of following these regulations and marking a parking lot as such.

West Coast Paving is an ADA compliant striping and signing expert. Whether you need a new parking lot striped or an existing lot restriped, we can help! In addition, we can install signs as needed. We ensure compliance with ADA regulations on every project, big or small.


Asphalt Maintenance

After years of wear and tear, asphalt paving becomes susceptible to defects and damage. Without proper care, minor cracks can lead to complete failure of the surface. Asphalt maintenance operations are used to prevent and/or correct these faults, ultimately protecting the asphalt.

West Coast Paving offers a variety of services to extend the life of any asphalt surface. From asphalt patching, overlays, and reconstructions, to crack filling, seal coating, and concrete repairs, we have you covered! Whether you are looking for preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, or emergency maintenance, West Coast Paving can assist you.



West Coast Paving, Inc. was founded by its current owner, Jeff Sander, in 2003. Jeff established the foundation of the company with his years of experience in the construction industry.  West Coast Paving has grown significantly since then, from having less than 5 employees to employing more than 35 Nevadans today.  West Coast Paving has become a real competitor in the grading, paving, and asphalt maintenance industry in northern Nevada and northern California.

West Coast Paving is a locally owned full-service Grading, Paving and Asphalt Maintenance Company. While our main office is located in Reno, Nevada, we are a licensed General Engineering Contractor in both Nevada and California.

Specifically, West Coast Paving services various areas throughout Northern Nevada, as well as the greater Lake Tahoe and Truckee areas.


With the continued economic growth in recent years, West Coast Paving has become an established competitor in the construction industry. We specialize in grading, asphalt maintenance, and asphalt paving. We pride ourselves in providing quality and professional service and strive to exceed the high expectations of our customers. With the rising costs of labor and construction materials, our goal is to always give our customers their money’s worth on all of our projects.

What Makes Us Different

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We believe that family is important. Our employees work hard and are committed to improving the local community, but they also have the flexibility to have time with their families. The importance of family is visible through our company culture and our work.

Our customers are important to us. We strive to establish relationships with our customers to provide them with the best possible service. West Coast Paving aims to deliver the highest quality finished product that exceeds expectations. Ultimately, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal!

We offer free estimates for every grading, paving, and asphalt maintenance service. This estimate is designed to give us the opportunity to ensure that our capabilities can meet your needs. Give West Coast Paving a call or submit this form to receive a free estimate!






For any inquiries or questions, please call: 775.852.3101 or submit the following form:

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Administrative Offices

99 W. Arroyo Street, 2nd Floor

Reno, NV 89509

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Reno, NV 89511

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To apply for a job with West Coast Paving, please download our employment application and deliver it to our administrative office at 99 W Arroyo Street, 2nd Floor in Reno, Nevada.  You can also apply directly to our open positions listed on Indeed or Craigslist

Get a free estimate: 775.852.3101

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